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You Should Make Sure Your Website is Secure

Your website is vital to your business and you should do everything in your power to protect it. It is the foundation of your marketing push. Through it, you produce leads and income.

Your website is essential to your company and you want to know that something as vital as your website is always working for you.

All software needs constant updating to cover up vulnerabilities. Hackers exploit these vulnerabilities to damage a business’s online standings or to ransom a site for monetary gain.

A website maintenance plan dramatically reduces the chance that your website will be compromised because we will actively monitor and close these exploits as they become visible.

Our Website Maintenance Services


Keep your website up and running


Protect your site from hackers and other evildoers


Make your website run at performance-levels


Maintain a working copy of your site.

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What Do You Get with our Website Management Services?

Your website what your potential buyers see when they look for your business online.

  • Do you control the way you look?
  • Who controls your domain?
  • Who takes care of web hosting?
  • Do you know the login for the cPanel if you need to make adjustments to the resources used for your site?

If you have no clue, then you do not have power over your website and regular website maintenance is a must.

Odds are you have dedicated time and effort into building the website that best represents you (if you haven’t, we would love to help you build a website that converts).

We have found...

"When it comes to regular website maintenance, most businesses fall short."

A lot goes on the back-end of your website. With a database and so many moving parts running to keep your site active, you run an increased risk of something breaking.

We want to be there to maintain your site and keep you whole.

We do not want you to be left behind.

Is Website Maintenance Right for Your Business?

Your website looks beautiful, and you have the perfect domain name, but what good does it do if nobody can see it? A hosting company does not mean the storage of servers. Web hosting refers primarily to the website accessing service.

We know it can be challenging to understand the relationship between your website, web hosting, and your computer, especially since there are so many terms and acronyms to be familiar with. So, how can you make sense of it all? Let's talk about what website hosting is first.

Simply stated, website hosting is the registration of a domain name and hosting the site. Users are connected to the server where the site's files and data are essentially becoming the site. The domain name identifies the site and must be registered to be hosted online.

Website maintenance is important, but who has the time? You have a business to run, and that website is one of your most important marketing channels. If you don't keep pace with your website's maintenance tasks, you'll simply lose visitors. But when you're already managing a dozen other tasks for your business, where do you find the time?

Our Website Maintenance Process

Full Website Review - Every quarter, we assess the state of your website to make sure it is healthy and productive

Website Monitoring - We monitor site traffic and report on noteworthy statistics. We also check for broken links, web crawl errors, or anything that would make your website unappealing to search engines.

Website Security - With the increasingly frequent reports of data breaches and the growing sophistication of cybercriminals, protecting your website and its data has become of paramount importance to everyone. We secure the site and monitor for any intrusions. We actively block any ports where we see unusual traffic or malicious actions.

Website Optimization - Website optimization is a way of improving the traffic to your website by making it work better for the search engines. The way it works is by optimizing the content, the design, and the way the links on the website work. The key to it, however, is to optimize all three at once. We perform platform, plugin, custom code upgrades as required and program updates as needed

Website Uptime

Anything could bring your website from broken plugins to hosting hiccups. We monitor your site to ensure that your uptime is maximized. We have real-time monitoring that tells us when you need to upgrade the components of your website and if your site goes down, we have a dedicated team working to get you back up and operating at full capacity.

Website Security

It only takes one person with malicious intent to take your website down. Fortunately, we have "best practices" to keep these evil-doers at bay. We use a mix of premium security tools and proprietary software to protect your website from hackers. We know what it takes to keep them out.

Website Optimization

With all of the parts that go into keeping a modern website up and running, there are bound to be a few failures here and there. We work to ensure that the failure rate is minimal. We keep the Content Management System running your site up to date, we maintain the components that add to your site running and stable, and we make custom code updates as required if updates break your site.

Website Backups

Even with the best-laid plans, something can go wrong and you could lose your website. You build your website to stand the test of time. We know you would never want to start again from scratch. We take snapshots of your site before every update or specified time period. If your site ever goes down, we have the tools and the means to bring you back online without starting from square one.

Website Maintenance plans to meet your needs

Web Support



  • Email Support

  • Software Updates

  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring
  • Performance Optimization
  • Monthly Site Backups


Web Leader



  • Top Priority Support

  • Software Updates

  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring

  • Performance Optimization

  • Daily Site Backups


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