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Do You Need Facebook Ads for Your Business?

Facebook is the most prominent and dominant social media advertising platform.

Using Facebook effectively to advertise your business can certainly be a challenge.

Success depends on knowing how to attract an audience, what drives user engagement, and effectively using targeting and retargeting to maximize your Facebook Ad budget.

How Do Facebook Ads Work?

You bid to display your ad in front of your target audience. You set the intent of the ad and based on how you target and how much competition there is to reach your target audience, your ad is displayed. Your ad runs until you reach the ceiling for your budget or until you end your campaign. With a tracking tool, you get constant insight into how your campaign is doing.

Our Facebook Ad Management Services

Facebook Pixel Setup

Track the results of your Facebook campaigns

Facebook Ad Targeting

Determine the audience most likely to buy your offerings

Facebook Ad Creatives

Develop engaging media to attract people to your ads

Facebook Ad Copy

Written words to convince your audience to click your ads

Ad Optimization

Constant review to make your ads better and increase your sales

We Are Web Leveling

We Create Effective Facebook Ads.

Why Should Your Business Use Facebook Advertising?

Facebook offers you a stage where you can target custom ads to the people most likely to want your products or service offerings. Through Facebook Ads, your business can build your brand’s presence, spread brand awareness, generate leads, increase sales, and engage your audience.

Why Do You Need a Facebook Advertising Agency?

For any business, you cannot afford to miss out on the potential reach of Facebook. The platform gives you a unique opportunity to spread awareness about your brand, develop qualified leads, and foster closer relationships with your audience and potential buyers.

Who Should You hire to manage your Facebook Ads?

Because of the upsides to Facebook Advertising, there is immense competition in this space. You need to hire experts that will give you the best possible return on your investment. An experienced agency will have an underlying process that works.

Our Facebook Ads Management Process

Facebook Ad Audience Targeting - Your ad content will not matter if the right audience does not see it. We leverage Facebook’s ad targeting options to reach your ideal customers based on details about your model customers, which can include details like demographics, interests, and behaviors. We know how to develop detailed and original Facebook Ad audiences. Additionally, we are experts at Facebook retargeting, which allows you to reengage people that have previously encountered your brand.

Facebook Ad Design - Facebook offers a variety of ways to share your companies story. Through video, photos, or a gallery of images, your company can choose the best way to display your brand and convey your message with the most impact, and targeted the people that will take action. We craft professional ad designs that will leave a lasting impression, and our team will create custom-branded online pages or Facebook Lead forms that will provide you and them with a seamless conversion experience.

Facebook Ad Copy - A successful Facebook Ad goes beyond a striking image. You will also need ad copy that converts. We develop compelling ad copy, optimized for conversions. We know what ad content drives the highest conversions and leverage that knowledge to drive leads your way.

Split Testing - Split testing is an effective way to enhance the performance of your Facebook advertising campaigns. With split testing, you have the data-backed knowledge you need to see what works and what falls flat. We split test, on the copy, images, and landing pages to get the most from your advertising dollar. Once we find areas where we can make improvements, we make adjustments and implement changes based on analysis and proven data.

Facebook Ad Analytics and Optimization - Through careful measurements, we help you determine if you are meeting your underlying goals. We look at the success of your Facebook campaigns, helping you select the ad types and ad segments that have the highest reach with your audience.

Facebook Ad Retargeting - For most sites, 98% of the traffic will leave without taking any action. There are many possible reasons why your visitors do not buy right then and there. Maybe they do not know or trust your business yet. Perhaps they are looking at your site during their lunch hour and have to get back to work. Maybe their phone is about to die, and they need to put it back on the charger. You work hard to get them to look at your ad, and you work even harder to get them to take action, but then you lose your potential customer for reasons. In our retargeting process, we send an ongoing reminder to the 98% reminding them that you are out there and that they engaged your services for a reason. We help increase your conversions by creating more connections between them and your business, giving them cause to know and trust you.

Facebook Pixel Setup

The Facebook Pixel is a tool for tracking the performance of your Facebook marketing campaigns and ads. It's a small piece of code that you can install on your website. It will help you understand what your customers are doing on your site and see how effective your Facebook ads are at converting new customers from your website. The Facebook Pixel is great for any business that's active on Facebook, whether you're looking for more likes, shares, or for customers and leads.

Facebook Ad Targeting

If you use Facebook Ads, you can tailor an ad to match your prospects' interests, demographics, and behaviors.

You can select your audience preferences through Facebook, such as "People who like hiking" or "People who like to travel." If you think you are targeting people who look nothing like your regular customers, you're probably spot on.

Facebook Ad Copywriting

Our team knows that Facebook ad copy is the most important aspect of any Facebook advertisement. Don't just take our word for it, use ours to make your ad campaign profitable.

Facebook Analytics & Optimization

Using the Facebook pixel, you can track events in your ad including how many people visit your website, which pages they visit, what they do while there, which of your posts they read, how they found you, and more. The data the pixel collects can then be analyzed to optimize your ad campaigns and make the most of your ad spend.

Facebook Ads Management Pricing Plans

Facebook Ads Max


Per Month(minimum)

  • $1550 setup fee

  • 90-day minimum contract

  • 15% of ad budget greater than $10k
  • Ongoing Audits

  • Monthly progress calls

  • Distinct ad copy and media creation
  • Facebook tracking and pixel setup

  • Onboarding within 2 weeks


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