Unlocking the Power of Facebook Advertising with Web Leveling

In today’s digital landscape, businesses face the challenge of not just being present online, but making a significant impact. With the majority of consumers turning to platforms like Facebook to discover new products and services, the stakes have never been higher. Web Leveling, with its expertise in Facebook advertising, ensures that businesses not only navigate this landscape but thrive in it.

The Digital Challenge To Facebook Ads

  • Lost Opportunities: Every click that doesn’t land on your business is a potential sale going to a competitor.
  • Dwindling Trust: In the digital realm, trust is built on visibility, engagement, and consistent value.
  • Risk of Business Decline: If consumers can’t find you on platforms like Facebook, they’ll likely choose competitors who are more prominent.
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The Web Leveling Process for Facebook Ads Management

  • Audience Identification: We dive deep into understanding your target audience, leveraging Facebook’s custom-tailored audiences, lookalike audiences, and the power of Facebook pixel for retargeting.
  • Ad Creation: Our team crafts compelling ad copy and designs that resonate with your audience, ensuring maximum engagement.
  • Optimization: Continuous monitoring and tweaking of your campaigns ensure they remain optimized, driving better results and ensuring efficient use of your budget.
  • Reporting: Transparent insights into campaign performance are provided, ensuring you’re always in the loop. Our detailed reports highlight key metrics, average campaign results, and areas of improvement, building credibility and trust.
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Web Leveling’s Expertise in Facebook Advertising

Our team of Facebook Ad specialists brings a wealth of experience in crafting and managing high-performing campaigns. Here’s how we can assist:

Our Comprehensive Facebook Ads Management Expertise

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  • Facebook Ad Management: Our comprehensive Facebook campaign management ensures your ads resonate with your target audience. Having a competent Facebook Ads agency like Web Leveling will save you money by maximizing your ad spend, ensuring every dollar is effectively utilized.
  • Customized Ad Targeting: With tools like Facebook Ad targeting, custom audiences, lookalike audiences, and Facebook pixel optimization, we ensure your ads reach the most relevant audience segments. By optimizing for specific areas and interests, your Facebook Ads will target individuals most likely to purchase your services, ensuring a higher ROI.
  • Ad Retargeting: Our innovative retargeting strategies ensure that potential customers who didn’t convert initially get another chance to engage with your brand. Retargeting Facebook ads increases sales by reconnecting with individuals who might not have been ready to purchase during their first interaction but could be persuaded with another nudge.
  • Diverse Ad Offerings: From Facebook carousel ads to video ads, we ensure your products and services are showcased in engaging ways. These ads are not just about immediate sales; they’re a powerful tool for branding, driving traffic to your website where potential customers can learn more about your business and build trust in what you offer.
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Facebook Ads Management Pricing

(The pricing of our Facebook Ads Management services will shift according to your monthly Ad Spend. The determinant is the over/under of $10k)

Facebook Ads Starter


  • $750 Setup Fee
  • 90-Day Minimum Contract
  • $1000/mo for Monthly Ad Budgets below $10k
  • Ongoing Audits for Ad Campaigns
  • Monthly Progress Calls
  • Distinct Ad Copy and Media Creation
  • Facebook Tracking and Pixel Setup
  • Onboarding Within 2 Calendar Weeks

Facebook Ads Mastery


  • $1250 Setup Fee
  • 90-Day Minimum Contract
  • 15% of Ad Budget Over $10k
  • Ongoing Audits for Ad Campaigns
  • Monthly Progress Calls
  • Distinct Ad Copy and Media Creation
  • Facebook Tracking and Pixel Setup
  • Onboarding Within 2 Calendar Weeks
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Why Choose Web Leveling for Facebook Advertising?

Web Leveling isn’t just another Facebook Ad agency. We pride ourselves on being partners in your success. Our approach is holistic, combining the power of Facebook paid ads with organic strategies, ensuring sustained growth. With our expertise in Facebook Ad management, businesses can be confident of achieving their digital marketing goals.

In the vast online marketplace, standing out is more than just being present; it’s about being impactful. With Web Leveling’s expertise in Facebook advertising, not only will your business be visible, but it will also resonate, engage, and convert. Let’s embark on a journey of sustained online growth, ensuring your business thrives in the digital age.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Facebook Ads Management Services

We know exploring a new advertising platform can feel overwhelming. With so many options, it’s natural to wonder if Facebook ads are right for your business. The good news is that the highly targeted nature of Facebook advertising makes it easier than ever to connect with your ideal audience. If you’re looking to increase brand awareness and website traffic, Facebook’s detailed targeting and large user base offer an unparalleled opportunity to get your brand in front of interested consumers. Our team can help you navigate the complexities, while our strategic Facebook ad management drives real results.

A common frustration is spending time and money on ads but seeing minimal lead generation. Facebook’s lead ad format helps resolve this by allowing consumers to express interest right from the ad unit. We can help you get set up with lead generation ads targeting your ideal buyer personas, so you can start gathering promising sales prospects. Our strategic ad creation and rigorous optimization methods aim to maximize the quality of the leads you acquire through Facebook advertising.

Determining the value of Facebook advertising spend is crucial. With over a billion daily active users, Facebook offers incredible reach – but only if you target correctly. We help our clients analyze the return from their Facebook ads by monitoring meaningful metrics like cost-per-conversion. Our goal with comprehensive Facebook ad management is to scale spending appropriately to drive profitable customer acquisition. With our expertise, Facebook can deliver outstanding ROI compared to other channels. We’re happy to offer a free consultation to discuss if Facebook ads could be beneficial for your business.

Pinpointing the right target audience for your product is truly the key to Facebook ad success. An ideal customer profile isn’t always obvious. We help our clients follow a research-driven approach to analyze their existing customer base and identify common attributes and interests. From there, we can apply Facebook’s detailed targeting tools to reach lookalike audiences that mirror your best existing customers. Our strategic Facebook ad targeting helps ensure you’re putting your ad budget to work reaching promising prospects.

Unsure if your Facebook ad costs align with broader benchmarks? As one of our value-added services, our team can provide customized reporting illustrating the average cost per click (CPC) in your specific industry. However, we find it’s even more meaningful to compare your results against past performance and optimize accordingly. Our Facebook ads managers focus on holistically reducing your cost per conversion rather than just CPC alone. With regular performance reviews, we benchmark your Facebook ad spend against metrics tailored to your business goals.

Choosing the optimal visuals for your Facebook ads can be confusing. The wrong image choice can severely impact effectiveness. Through in-depth Facebook campaign management for clients across industries, we’ve identified several characteristics of high-performing ad creative. We know which visual components and emotional factors resonate best with different audiences. We can collaborate with you to define an image strategy tailored to your unique brand and customers. Our goal is to create ads that stop your perfect prospect in their tracks – and compel them to take action.

One of the most frustrating aspects of Facebook advertising is crafting an ad only to have it rejected. But there are ways to minimize rejection risk. Our team stays up to date on Facebook’s strict and evolving ad policies to ensure your ads are compliant. We also leverage Facebook’s review tools prior to launch to catch any issues early. In the event your ad is rejected, our dedicated ad specialists know how to efficiently diagnose the reason and modify the creative to get your campaign back up quickly. By partnering with us, you can ensure frequent Facebook ad rejections don’t hinder your efforts.

Understanding your Facebook ad’s impact can be difficult without website traffic insights. Implementing Facebook’s pixel tracking code is crucial but can also feel overwhelming if you’re not technical. As part of our managed Facebook ad services, we will seamlessly install the Facebook pixel on your website. We’ll ensure it’s configured to capture key conversion data, so you have full visibility into your ad’s performance in driving valuable website actions. Our goal is to provide you with actionable analytics so you know how your ad spend is performing.

For some businesses, it’s important to exclude certain sites or apps from showing their ads. The good news is that Facebook Ads Manager provides control over exactly where your ads appear. Our team can walk you through the placement exclusion options. We’ll also leverage Facebook’s granular targeting capabilities to focus your ad spend on reaching your audience in relevant locations. Our strategic ad management service helps maximize your ad visibility while avoiding unsuitable placement.

Determining the best digital advertising platform for your goals is crucial. Both Google and Facebook ads can drive tremendous value, but in different ways. Google Ads excel when targeting users actively searching for products or services, while Facebook allows targeting based on interests and behaviors for brand-building. We recommend evaluating both platforms’ capabilities relative to your audience, budget, and business objectives. Many clients find value in utilizing both platforms in tandem to maximize overall reach and conversion potential. Our goal is to provide unbiased guidance on the best channel mix for your needs.

With countless options for digital advertising, you’re smart to question whether Facebook ads can really deliver. At Web Leveling, we’ve managed successful Facebook ad campaigns for clients across industries by leveraging precise audience targeting and robust analytics. However, return ultimately depends on budget size, quality of testing and optimization, and how you measure success. We recommend starting small to validate performance based on your key metrics. Our hands-on ad management service uses industry best practices to drive consistent ROI. Feel free to ask us about specific examples of how Facebook ads have worked for other businesses like yours.

With all the different Facebook ad formats available, deciding what’s best for your campaign can feel overwhelming. We can collaborate with you to determine the ideal ad type based on your audience, product, and campaign goals. For instance, video ads work well for brand-building, while lead-generation ads help capture sales prospects directly. We’ll also advise you on emerging options you may not have considered yet based on their performance potential. At Web Leveling, we stay on top of Facebook’s latest offerings and can walk you through the pros and cons of each to determine the best fit.

Allocating the budget appropriately is crucial for Facebook ad success. As your campaign management partner, we take a data-driven approach to budgeting based on your margins, risk tolerance, and overall marketing objectives. We’ll help establish an initial budget to test performance. By monitoring your cost per conversion, we can guide you on the ideal monthly budget to effectively scale your efforts. Our strategic budget oversight maximizes your ad spend to acquire more high-intent customers. We’re happy to have an in-depth discussion on budgeting strategy during our initial consultation.

With so many marketing demands on your time, deciding the optimal ad run duration can be challenging. We monitor your campaign daily to understand when audience saturation is reached or creative refresh is needed. Many clients choose to continually run Facebook ads while iterating to maintain performance. We can provide guidance on the ideal run length for each campaign based on metrics like conversions and CPA. Our Facebook campaign management expertise balances driving consistent returns with audience fatigue management. Feel free to ask for more details about ideal timeframes based on your specific product and KPIs.

Reducing cost per click is often a priority – but it takes expertise. Leaning on our extensive Facebook ad management experience, we leverage tactics like improved audience targeting, testing higher-converting creative, and maintaining relevance scores. Our goal is to reduce cost per conversion holistically, so you get more value from your Facebook advertising budget. We also balance click costs with volume and overall ROI. Our hands-on approach aims to maximize your ideal customer reach within sustainable CPC ranges for your vertical.

While you may come across average cost-per-click benchmarks for Facebook ads, the “right” CPC varies significantly based on your niche, audience makeup, and other factors. At Web Leveling, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your industry and past campaign performance to establish your ideal CPC goal specific to your business. Rather than focusing on arbitrary averages, we’ll benchmark against metrics like your profit margins to optimize campaigns around your definition of return on ad spend. Our Facebook ads managers leverage advanced analytics and testing to maintain the sweet spot: the lowest CPC that still meets the desired ROI.

Encountering issues with Facebook Ads can be frustrating, especially if you don’t have clear resolution paths. As your dedicated Facebook ads partner, we have well-established contacts and methods to reach Facebook’s support team efficiently. For qualified accounts, we can access direct channels like chat, Facebook’s help center, and technical support representatives. No matter what ad issue you face, we’ll leverage our insider knowledge to ensure minimal disruption. Our close relationships with Facebook allow us to get fast answers to your questions.

If you’re running Facebook Ads yourself, we recommend focusing on continual testing and optimization of elements like targeting and creatives. Stay up to date with Facebook’s algorithm changes and new ad products. Consider getting officially certified in Facebook ads through their training programs. Most importantly, focus on metrics like cost-per-conversion vs. vanity metrics. As your ad management partner, we stay laser-focused on driving improved performance and ROI in every campaign. Our team is continually expanding our Facebook advertising knowledge through extensive hands-on optimization.