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Is your business being hurt by your online reputation? Now is the time to manage what people say about you

Businesses that receive 1- or 2-stars on online directories like Google or Facebook risk losing up to 86% of their prospective buyers because people tend to buy from a business that they know and trust and it is hard to generate trust if the public perception of your business is very poor or weak.

The lifeblood of digital marketing is its online reputation management process. You can work on all of the other facets of your online marketing package, but lose out on a bulk of your potential customers because of a dissatisfied customer leaving your business a terrible review.

Our Online Reputation Management Services

Directory Setup

Ensuring your name and contact info is correct

Reputation Building

Establishing and verifying your brand online

Reputation Management

Making it easy for people to leave you reviews online

Reputation Marketing

Sharing and syndicating your positive online reviews

We Are Web Leveling

We Establish Trust & Authority for Businesses Online

Why Should You Care About Your Online Reviews?

Odds are you have gotten a negative review in the past from one of your dissatisfied customers. Or even worse, you have a positive review waiting, but your customer has not left it because people are not wired to leave positive reviews. Even the most reliable businesses have an angry customer from time to time.

Some businesses tend to ignore these negative reviews, and most companies fail to ask for any reviews at all. Ignoring reviews is the worst thing that you can do. Negative reviews can seriously damage your overall reputation, and without the positive counter-balance, negative reviews are all your future buyers see about your business online.

"The profitability of your business is directly related to getting and responding to your reviews online."

Our reputation experts can help your business with your online reputation.

  • Reputation Repair - We can investigate your negative reviews and help you determine the best way to address them.  We could, on your behalf, ask the online directory to remove the criticism if it is fraudulent, or we could work with you to come up with a proper response to the negative review so that other prospective clients see that you are actively addressing your business’s shortcoming.  We help you develop the best plan to address your negative online reviews.
  • Online Reputation Monitoring - We will set up your business within our dynamic online monitoring software.  You will get real-time alerts about new reviews across multiple platforms, whether they are good or bad.  This way, you will always know and what people are saying about you online.
  • Online Review Management - We will build an automated process to get more reviews for your business. We understand the underlying requirements of many of these online directories. We do not offer bribes to get positive reviews for you, and there is no quid-pro-quo in our process.  We have a fully above-board system to get your business more reviews.

If you have any more questions about the importance of online reputation management check out our post detailing the 8 reasons why businesses need an online reputation strategy.

Business Online Reputation

The fact is we live in a world where everyone has a voice. The Internet has made everyone a publisher, and your online reputation is now more important than ever. No matter what business you’re in, your online reputation is something that you simply cannot afford to ignore. In fact, it can really affect everything from your customer base to your current and future business partners.

Online Reputation Monitoring

It seems like a great idea to provide your customers with excellent service and support and have a thriving online reputation. But, you can’t control what your customers are going to say about your products and services. With a little bit of research, a motivated competitor can post malicious reviews about your company. These kinds of reviews are damaging to your online reputation and can cause you to lose customers. That’s why you should consider implementing an online reputation monitoring strategy.

With our online monitoring tool, we help you monitor changes in your online reputation (i.e. Google search results) and alert you if someone posts something bad about you on the internet. We help protect your online reputation by watching the web for any new online reviews, comments, or online postings about your business. We also monitor your existing online reputation and alert you if someone is saying something new and bad about you online.

Our 5-Step Process to a 5-star Reputation

Review Strategy - Our team helps you with your struggle against negative online reviews by gaining control of the places where people can leave reviews for you online and by automating your online review collections.

Online Directory Assessment, Sanitation, and Development - We help you maintain consistent and exact contact info for your business so that your customers can reach you with regularity and leave you reviews.

Establish Real-Time Alerts - Your business will receive an automatic notification whenever a new review for your business is left online.

Get More Reviews - We help you actively reach out for reviews. We don’t leave it to your customers to leave good reviews about your business. We actively ask for them on your behalf. We make the review process proactive instead of reactive.

Negative Review Management - We give you a centralized place to respond to your negative reviews on online directories like Yelp, Google My Business, TripAdvisor, and other sites.

Online Directory Setup

To control your online reviews, you need to verify and control the information about your business online. We ensure that the name, address, and phone number for your business is correct for the top 20 directories for your industry. This provides a solid foundation for reputation management.

Online Reputation Building

Using a proprietary system, we ask your customers to leave you reviews on your behalf. We route the reviews to the online directories where your potential customers will most likely see them.

Online Reputation Management

We help you engage both positive and negative reviews as they come in. You have real-time updates sent to your inbox or phone when someone leaves you a review. You will know what they are saying about your business online.

Online Reputation Marketing

We syndicate your positive reviews online to the top directories and your social media channels. We highlight your 5-star review status in the social media headers that we build for your brand. We install a widget on your website that has a rolling tally of your positive brand.

Online reputation services for your business

Foundation Fix


One-Time Fee

  • Claim, verify, and modify NAP on top 15 directories for your industry

  • Reputation Audit Report

  • Real-time online monitoring
  • Automated outreach to collect reviews
  • Monthly reports on reputation status changes


Reputation Builder



  • Claim, verify, and modify NAP on top 20 directories for your industry

  • Reputation Audit Report

  • Real-time online monitoring
  • Automated outreach to collect reviews

  • Monthly reports on reputation status changes
  • Widget to display real-time reviews on your website
  • Proprietary outreach to customers to ask for reviews

  • Custom CRM to monitor your reputation building campaigns


Reputation Master



  • Claim, verify, and modify NAP on top 30 directories for your industry

  • Reputation Audit Report

  • Real-time online monitoring
  • Automated outreach to collect reviews

  • Weekly & monthly reports on reputation status changes

  • Widget to display real-time reviews on your website
  • Proprietary outreach to customers to ask for reviews

  • Custom CRM to monitor your reputation building campaigns
  • Monthly social media cover highlighting recent reviews

  • Syndication of your reviews to your connection social media channels


*Price outlined is per one Google My Business (GMB) Listing.  Price is subject to change for Google My Business setup or for service for multiple Google My Business listings. 

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