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Why is Video Marketing so Important for Business?

Videos offer an easy way for people to absorb information. It removes the barriers to consuming your offerings. People prefer video.

In today’s crowded online space, you need something unique to differentiate you from your competition. Right now, almost 90% of people online will watch a video during their daily usage.

You want to leverage this predisposition to watch a video to help your business grow revenue and gain customers. Video marketing and optimization is an indispensable part of any successful online marketing strategy.

Our Video Marketing Services

Video Analysis

Studying videos to determine audience interaction

Video Creation

Creating exciting and engaging videos for your brand

Video Advertising

Creating video ads to be shown on Social Media

Video Syndication

Submitting your content to the top online video channels

We Are Web Leveling

We Create Eye-Catching Video Content.

How does video marketing work?

You want to have the most comprehensive online presence possible. Video marketing is a tool that immediately captures the attention of your online visitors. Your videos are more likely to be shared. Your visitor's eyes are drawn to videos because they typically break up the monotony of written text.

Video marketing complements your other marketing efforts because it reframes your message, offerings, or solutions in a way that your consumers can easily digest your content.

Adding your videos online brings a particular enthusiasm and tension that consumers enjoy. With video, your website will be flashier, more active, and stimulating.

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular for businesses, particularly in the service and product industries. Businesses in these industries have also realized the effectiveness of video marketing for a variety of purposes.

A video can set a brand apart, acquire customers, build brand loyalty, and elevate the customer experience. Videos are an invaluable tool for lead generation, conversion, and retention.

Despite the fact that video marketing is relatively new to most businesses, they are quickly learning about its importance and adopting it. That is why video marketing is so popular today.

Online video marketing makes it easier for businesses to market their products or services. Advances in technology have helped to revolutionize virtual video marketing.

In today's marketing world, it is not a surprise to see successful businesses relying on videos to make their businesses stand out from competitors.

Our Video Marketing Process

Conversation & Strategy - We start through our first meeting. We use this time to get to know you and your business. We want to understand who you are and in what direction you want to go. With this preliminary knowledge, we will start building the framework of your video.

Concept Development - We next develop an idea around what we take from the meeting. We sketch out a storyboard of what best delivers your message. If you have a concept in mind that you want to further, we work with that; otherwise, we start drafting the preliminary ideas from our meeting. We work through this drafting process with input from you through every step.

Production Development & Filming - We work on your project for the time it takes to create a video that relates your message. It might take a few hours or many months to deliver content, but this depends on the length of the video that we develop for you and the complexity in the creation process. We provide you with a clear timeline so that you know what to expect for your video production.

Video Editing - In our editing suite, we turn captured or created footage into your video. We work on sound and color to ensure that your video sounds and looks great.

Video Delivery - Once we finalize the video, we submit it to you for review. When you are happy with the video, we will render it in a format so that we can deliver it to you or we will upload the video to your specified repository.

Video Syndication - We will send your newly created video to the top online video sites. We will create a unique description and keywords to bring visitors back to your website.

Video Analysis

We look at the videos that you currently have up online and measure the audience's response, interactions, and time viewed. We use this information to guide our video creation in the future, modeling upcoming videos on the ones that have success now.

Video Creation

We create videos matching the length and format that you require for different platforms. Using the information, gathered in our analysis, we optimize these videos for maximum views, shares, and interaction.

Video Advertising

We create videos for you to use in your YouTube Video Ads, Facebook Ads, or other online platforms. We do the storyboarding, voice-over work, sound selection, and music backgrounds to ensure that your videos leave an indelible impression.

Video Syndication

We post your videos on the top online video platforms, getting more eyes on your content and pulling more traffic back to your website. Our syndication practices also have the benefit of boosting your SEO efforts.

Check Out Some of Our Video Creation Options

White Board Explainer Videos

We’ve all seen those videos on Youtube. They’re short, and to the point, often featuring drawings on a whiteboard. Known as whiteboard explainer videos, these short videos can be highly effective in quickly conveying your message to your audience and are great for engaging viewers. 

What is a whiteboard explainer video? In short, a whiteboard explainer video is a visual documentation of your product or service. It lasts from one to four minutes.

As the name implies, whiteboard videos are videos created on a whiteboard to make them seem like they’ve just come out of a whiteboard. They’re the perfect way to explain complicated ideas clearly and quickly.

Hand animated videos that are fun to watch but have a strong call to action and are great on conversions.

Video Intros

You're probably familiar with the intro videos at the beginning of movies.  They are there to set the mood, tell a bit of the story, or just show off the movie's stars.

If you are at all familiar with the Internet, you've probably seen intro videos.  They are used for advertising websites, new products, or simply give you a tour of the creators' and contributors' favorite sites and blogs.

Video intros provide people with a quick introduction to the overall content of the following video. The right video intro captures the attention of the video's audience and convinces them to watch the video in its entirety.

Video Outros

We make video outros for businesses, or if that term doesn't mean anything to you, call them "credit roll outros". Video outros are the little bits that play at the end of a video, and you've probably seen and heard plenty of them, whether or not you were aware of it. You know when you go on YouTube, and the music kicks in, and then the screen fades to black, and then the music fades out, and then the screen fades back in? That's a video outro. In fact, it's actually a popular video outro type.

Strong ending for your video content usually with a call-to-action

Live Action Videos

Providing live action videos can be brilliant for connecting with your audience, especially when it comes to personal businesses, such as consulting firms or restaurants. Other people can relate to you more creatively by seeing you in action, which can be powerful and effective.

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