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Everyone gets buried by their Inbox. Why should they read an email from you?

Your email has to speak to your ideal customer. The more in-tune your email campaign is, the higher the chance your audience will open your emails.

We understand the importance of crafting an email message that speaks to your customers in a way that expands your brand and your wallet.

We also realize that not every email sent should be selling something. You do not want to sell to your prospective customers in every email. They won’t appreciate it, and it will turn them away from buying from you in the future.

Let us help you find that balance and automate the email marketing process for you.

Our Email Marketing Services


We look at your email process and optimize it for conversions


We draft engaging content to draw your audience in


We send your emails out on your behalf


We ensure that your email is sent to people that want it

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Professional Email Marketing Solutions

Are you looking to create an email campaign to complement your special promotions? Maybe you want to send out a newsletter to the people that signup on your website.

Perhaps you want to send a thank you gift to your past customers for their continued patronage or ask them to leave a review for products or services that you have offered them in the past.

Web Leveling will design a custom email marketing strategy that delivers your message to the people that matter most.  Our email platform works for small to medium businesses, but easily scales to the enterprise level.

We will automate the email delivery process to send your emails out to your customers at the date and time that they are most likely to open and act on them.

"Create and send emails that people want to open and read."

We ensure email compliance:

  • Privacy Laws - Our email marketing services are hosted and operated in the US. We are in strict compliance with national privacy laws.
  • CAN-SPAM Act - We follow "best-practices" to lessen spam complaints according to the CAN-SPAM act and to ensure delivery of your emails
  • GDPR - We are well-informed on the recent email requirements in the EU and can help you meet the requirements of this legislation.

Email Marketing for Businesses

So, you've started to build an email list - now what? You don't want to spam your list with sales messages, but you still want to keep them interested and informed about what you're up to.

Email marketing is a great way to keep in contact with your customers, as well as to generate interest in new products or services. It is one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to do this, but one that is often overlooked by many businesses. In order to get the most out of email marketing, you need to take the time to create a strategy and plan of action so that you can get the most from every email you send.

Our Email Marketing Process

  • Email Setup - We set up your email marketing framework, absorbing your current parameters if you have them or creating them if you do not. We set up analytics, email templates, landing pages, that accurately reflect your business and brand.
  • Email Content - We craft the written, video, and image content that we will distribute in your outgoing emails. We set up a content creation schedule to ensure that we meet timelines for your promotions, sales, or transactional notifications.
  • Verification - We check your email list for discrepancies, removing incomplete or obviously false email addresses. We run the list through our verification software as a secondary check.
  • Email Distribution - We send your emails through our email tool, checking for open rates, bounces, opt-outs, and written responses. We use these analytics to tighten up our verification process for the next round of emails. We also segment the distribution of emails along the lines of predetermined demographics so that we can split test the subject line and email body content that we create.
  • Analytics - We review what works and what does not with each campaign that we run, leveraging the metrics we pull from our distribution process.

Email Analysis

If you have an email strategy in place, we look at what is working for you and what is not. We look at your delivery platform, open rates, bounce rates, and spam reports. We look at the structure of your emails, subject lines, and body structure. If you do not have metrics for these items or if you are starting your email campaign for the first time, we set up tracking tools to capture these details to ensure you have the best email framework possible.


We craft the best subject lines to get your emails opened, and we create engaging content in the body of your emails to ensure that your audience reads to the end. We segment your audience so that we can do split-testing to see what content pieces work the best, and we continually optimize our process month after month to ensure that we are delivering the pleasing content possible.

Email Distribution

We automate the sending of your emails from our email marketing platform. We verify the email addresses for authenticity, check for bounce rates to ensure that the emails are reaching the right prospects, and ensure that we remove the people that “opt-out” from your mailing list. You want to maintain a clean email list to help with delivery.

Email Maintenance

We want to make sure you get your message to those that want to read it. We have weekly reviews of your distribution list to make sure that it is working for you. We send out a periodical email asking your audience if they want to continue receiving your emails. We make sure that we purge the people that opt out of your scheduled emails.

Pick the Best Email Marketing Plan for your Business

Email Starter



  • $400 setup fee

  • Behavior based emails

  • Campaign Tracking

  • Onsite landing pages
  • Form builder
  • Content for 4 emails per month (additional billed at $99/email)
  • Monthly reports and analytics


Email Pro



  • $800 setup fee

  • Behavior based emails

  • Campaign Tracking

  • Onsite landing pages
  • Form builder
  • Content for 8 emails per month (additional billed at $179/email)
  • Monthly reports and analytics


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