Elevating ICI Interiors’ Online Presence to Match Their Timeless Design Ethos


Web Leveling’s collaboration with ICI Interiors transformed their digital footprint. By crafting a website that mirrors their timeless design approach and implementing a local SEO strategy, we enhanced their visibility. Over the past four years, the website has garnered over 80,123 search impressions, leading to 216 direct clicks and the client is at the top of the map-pack for their target keyword for their prime location.

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Flat depiction of a before-and-after transformation of an interior design website, emphasizing modern aesthetics.

Client Introduction:

With over 35 years of interior design experience, ICI Interiors, led by founder Cheryl Willhite, has become a beacon of elegance and sophistication in Connecticut and beyond. Having built their reputation primarily through word-of-mouth for over four decades, they’ve crafted interiors that tell unique stories, blending classic elements with inventive touches. Their mission? To create spaces that are both splendid and comfortable, reflecting the dreams and lifestyles of their clients.


Despite their stellar reputation, ICI Interiors faced challenges online. Their previous SEO company had them ranking for long-tail keywords with limited search volume. Before they started SEO, they relied heavily on word-of-mouth testimonials for new business. That worked great before the internet, but as the digital age dawned and consumer behavior shifted towards online searches and reviews, they found themselves at a disadvantage.

Potential clients were now looking for services online, and without a strong digital presence, ICI Interiors risked being overshadowed by competitors who were more digitally savvy. They yearned for a robust online presence that would match their offline repute, targeting key locations where they had a significant client base.

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Flat scene illustrating the digital evolution journey of ICI Interiors, from an outdated website to a modern online presence.

Web Leveling embarked on a two-pronged approach. First, we designed a website that encapsulated ICI Interiors’ flair for timeless design. The site showcased their vast portfolio, from private homes to multinational corporate offices. Geo-relevant articles were crafted to enhance relevance for their target locations.

Simultaneously, a targeted local SEO campaign was launched. The objective was clear: rank ICI Interiors for “Interior Design” in five key Connecticut locations and extend their reach to upper NY state and NYC. Our efforts bore fruit, with ICI Interiors securing the #1 spot in the map pack for multiple locations, including their prime market, Greenwich, CT, their “bread-and-butter”.


The digital transformation was palpable. Not only did the website reflect ICI Interiors’ ethos of “timeless design, understated elegance, and sophistication,” but their online visibility soared. They now rank prominently in their targeted locations, and the data speaks volumes about our collaborative efforts: over 80,123 impressions and 216 clicks in the last four years alone.

As ICI Interiors expanded their operations to Hilton Head, SC, they turned to Web Leveling once more. Drawing on our past successes, we’re geared to replicate our winning strategy, setting up a Google Business Profile and leveraging their well-established reputation to get them to the top of the search results for “Interior Design”.

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Web Leveling’s collaboration with ICI Interiors is a testament to the power of understanding a client’s unique story and translating it into a digital strategy. As ICI Interiors continues to craft timeless interiors, their online presence now mirrors their offline grandeur. The client’s testimonial speaks volumes:

“”Where do we begin!? Never have we been so pleased… Ron Tapanes, the team leader, has worked tirelessly… in a rather brief amount of time, we are ranking on the 1st page of Google… Ron, we are forever grateful for all of your hard work and that of your incredible support staff. Keep up the great work!!!”

Arthur & Cheryl Owners ICI Interiors LLC

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Flat illustration emphasizing the strong and modern online brand presence of ICI Interiors.