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FAQs About Our Services and Company

At our web design firm, we don’t just create any old website like everyone else. We make something unique and extraordinary. Please take a peek at our portfolio as proof! Our clients frequently ask us questions about what services we offer for their projects. Peruse this list to discover the answer you seek, or contact us directly if that doesn’t work out. With cutting-edge technology combined with creativity, your next website will be unforgettable when you partner with us. Let’s start crafting together today!

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Before You Start Web Design (or Redesign)

A kickoff meeting will begin your project. At this meeting, you will discuss the scope of your project, the goals, and the details of the design process. After the kickoff meeting, your designer begins work on a logo, mood board, or homepage.

Once the site design is complete, we will begin gathering content. Then our content manager will work with you on content generation based on your designs. We’ll then perform an SEO audit and review the findings with you.

We will begin development when we have gathered about 75% of your content and approved the designs. We will schedule the launch of your website. Once our launch is complete, we’ll help you optimize your online marketing strategy and expand your business.

We have developed general estimates for websites we have done in the past. You can see them here. Web design and development costs depend on the time it takes to design and develop the website.

You will receive accurate estimates from your account manager, who will constantly provide information about your project. We provide business-specific products to reduce costs, though custom design and development services are charged accordingly.

Our company works with businesses worldwide, and we welcome the opportunity to serve them. Though we love working with local companies, we are happy to service businesses from any part of the country.

Throughout the process, our team is happy to participate in conference calls, video chats, and screen shares so we can interact with your team as well as possible.

We have fully embraced the remote work culture and let our designers and account managers work remotely whenever possible.

A website’s launch date depends on various factors, including cost, complexity, and our client’s ability to provide feedback.

Typically, we launch websites within 2 to 4 months. This depends on the build’s complexity and the required content and feedback we receive from our clients.

You can work with your account manager to set a timeline if you have a specific launch date.

Every website we build follows best practices and is created with minimal code, optimizing it for Search Engines. We also perform SEO assessments for every project.

An SEO audit involves looking at your present keywords, SEO, and PPC strategy against traffic and quality content to see where improvements can be made.

The audit delivers a multitude of data in addition to installation on your site and suggestions for moving forward.

Your website’s success isn’t just determined by its appearance – design and architecture also play a role in how it ranks with Google, as well as user experience. Outdated websites can be holding you back from reaching your company’s potential; if speed, mobile responsiveness, or content architecture are poor performing factors, now is the time for an upgrade to get ahead of competitors. Investing in modern features that make updating hassle-free will ensure growth into the future so your business can reach new heights. Yes, we can try to fix your old website, but in the long run, it is better to start over and use the right framework.

All of our sites are built on Content Management Systems, making updating easier without needing to understand coding languages.

Depending on your company’s needs, we will recommend the best solution for you.

WordPress is the platform we primarily use to build web pages for our clients, as it is both powerful and easy to use.

The WordPress platform integrates with many eCommerce platforms, so you have the potential of a complete marketing platform.

During Your Web Design (or Redesign)

We assign a dedicated account manager to every project. They are your primary point of contact, ensuring clear communication between your team and ours.

If you have questions at any point during the process, they are available to answer them.

Account managers create timelines for your project based on your goal launch and create milestones for each item. They will keep your team up to date as progress is made and update the timeline as necessary.

As we mentioned above, once your designs are approved, we will wait for 75% of the content before moving forward with development. We must build out the infrastructure before we can begin development.

Like when building a house, you must prepare the construction site, pour the foundation, and begin framing the house upon approval of the designs.

As soon as your site is almost complete, we will share a demo site with you to use for UA testing, training, and checking out your website.

You can use stock photography as well as images and graphics related to your business or industry to ensure the website’s professional look.

Additionally, we offer creative direction and can refer you to some fantastic photographers.

Whether you are struggling to write content for your whole site or just a few pages, we are happy to help. We can create content for every page on your site or just a few depending on your needs.

Where does the requirement for 75% of the content come from?

Our team builds your site on the foundation of your content, so preparing it before development helps us better optimize and build it around that content.

We like to get most of the content in place before we begin the final steps in the process because the content is often the biggest bottleneck.

Your account manager will train you on how to use your site as we approach the launch. We wait until the site is nearly complete so that you can become comfortable using the CMS and making updates to your actual website.

After Your Web Design (or Redesign)

If you are having trouble with your website, have questions about your website maintenance, or need help, don’t hesitate to contact our support team via our ticketing system or by phone between 9 AM and 6 PM EST.

We always make sure to make any necessary changes to your site’s infrastructure or software as quickly as possible when something goes wrong.

The support team will be happy to answer any questions you have about the website and even share tips and tricks for making small changes. For more extensive changes, we can walk you through the different design and development options available.

It can take weeks to months for search engine bots crawling your site to notice changes you’ve made and update your rankings, even if your website is optimized for local SEO or organic SEO.

You are at the mercy of Search Engines regarding organic or local SEO.

If immediate first-place ranking is essential to your business, we recommend working with a Pay-Per-Click campaign to put your results above the fold. We can help you with that.

We design our sites to be long-lasting and easy to maintain. The widely-regarded standard is to update your website every three to four years, but we partner with our clients to develop long-lasting sites that are easy to update.

When it comes to promoting your new website, there are many great ways we would love to help. Here are a few ways to do it:

In addition to our ongoing services, Web Leveling also offers an After-Marketing Plus plan that includes local and organic SEO, content writing, email campaigns, and video design.

In addition to our website design services, we offer monthly digital marketing consultation packages to help you achieve long-term success.

Our consultants work as experts to help our clients achieve their goals.

Website Development for eCommerce & Online Shopping

You will be guided through the scoping process by your account representative to determine which platform will work best for you based on the number of products you have, the custom functionality you need, and more.

Generally speaking, we use WooCommerce (built upon WordPress) or Shopify for most of our clients because these are both open-source software platforms. They are straightforward to use and offer potent eCommerce capabilities.

We can help you set up your products on your eCommerce website. We can also help you with product descriptions, images, and pricing. Our process is straightforward. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable in the eComm space. Our best practices will help you get the most out of your eCommerce website, and we’re always here to answer any questions you may have.