Website Client - Everglades Equity


Everglades Equity asked us to create a 5-page website with a 6th-page set up as a repository for "news" updates about the company. We were asked to create a site that looked just as good on mobile as on desktop. We were also tasked with creating a unifying branding theme around a subset of the color green. The leadership of Everglades Equity wanted a website similar to other Equity firms, but something that was unique and would stand out.
Our Solution

We created a framework for the website almost immediately, matching the requirements laid out by Everglades Equity. Once we had the wireframe in place, we spent a bulk of our time tweaking the image sizes and written content on-page.  We optimized the on-page content to display the right blend of multimedia and written word to attract the right audience and keep them engaged once on the site.  We found a variant of green that was pleasing to the eye and stood out against the webpage's background.
Everglades Equity Logo- Web Leveling Client

We created a successful site that currently sits at 8 pages. We can easily expand the site as the business grows. To build on Everglade Equity's branding, we created a unique favicon that lined up with the color and font selection for the business.  We set up analytics on the site to measure page views and bounce rates and will use this baseline data when the client is ready to start SEO work. As part of our ongoing monthly maintenance plan, we have set up security protocols and a backup structure to keep the site running as effectively as possible.

We run ongoing website maintenance on this site, ensuring that the website remains secure from outside attacks. We also update the content onsite to ensure that the information provided is up to date.

The Client: Everglades Equity

Everglades Equity is a private equity firm located in Miami, FL.

5-Star Rating

"Calvin and the team at Web Leveling did an outstanding job building our company's website. They were extremely responsive and the turnaround times for edits is lightning fast. I would recommend them highly." Brett Craig Managing Partner of Everglades Equity LLC