Website Client - Bespoke Digital LLC


Bespoke Digital asked us to create a single-page brochure website to list their service offerings and to connect to their social media channels. We were also tasked with creating a logo for the company that lined up with its underlying vision. We set off to develop a site with these parameters but also positioned the site so that it could be scaled up in the future.
Our Solution

We approached the website with a focus on simplicity.  We determined that the site would only require 3 distinct parts:

  • A header that would let visitors know that they landed on the right page

  • A service section that would clearly define the offerings of Bespoke Digital

  • A contact section that would allow for direct email contact with the company.


For the logo, our team created several proofs in our drafting process. Once the client determined which logo lined up with its vision, we hammered out the colors and font selection. We delivered a logo that lined up with the client’s identity. We also created 3 animated logo videos that the client could use for the website, email, or social media.

The website was a complete success. We created a single scroll site encompassing 4.5 pages that matched the client’s needs exactly. Very eye opening!

The Client: Bespoke Digital LLC

Houston-Based Bespoke Digital LLC crafts custom software solutions for the finance, defense, and energy markets.