Cal Hewitt

Founder, CEO, and Project Lead at Web Leveling

Cal Hewitt is a seasoned professional with over 27 years of experience in business analysis, management, consulting, and digital marketing. As the founder and CEO of Web Leveling, Cal has been at the forefront of digital marketing innovation for the past 7 years, helping small and mid-sized businesses thrive in the digital landscape.

Background and Expertise

Before founding Web Leveling, Cal spent 20 years as a Business Analyst, Manager, and Consultant in the Banking and Energy industries. This diverse background gives him a unique perspective on business challenges and opportunities across various sectors.

At Web Leveling, Cal is a jack of all trades, ready to dive into any aspect of the company’s offerings. His areas of expertise include:

Leadership and Vision

Cal describes his leadership style as “hands-off but easily accessible.” He trusts his team to excel in their roles while remaining available when clients or staff need his expertise or assistance.

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, Cal foresees significant changes in how digital marketing services will be offered and consumed. He anticipates less human interaction with individual service components but a greater need for editorial oversight to ensure services remain correct and helpful.

Publications and Thought Leadership

Cal is a prolific writer and thought leader in the digital marketing space. He has published:

  • 15 eBooks
  • 27 White Papers
  • An upcoming book to be published on Amazon in 2024

Philosophy and Approach

Cal and Web Leveling have adopted the motto “Don’t be evil” as a guiding principle for their work (since Google decided to leave it by the wayside). They are committed to helping clients achieve what they need for success, even when it doesn’t align with initial expectations.

Web Leveling’s approach to client relationships is thorough and goal-oriented:

  1. They begin by understanding each client’s specific objectives for digital marketing services.
  2. They establish analytics for all developed online properties.
  3. Monthly check-ins ensure that processes align with client needs.

Cal believes that Web Leveling stands out as a digital marketing partner due to their ability to see the bigger picture. Their services can be layered for comprehensive solutions or offered piecemeal to achieve the best results at the right time.

Innovation and Staying Current

To stay at the cutting edge of digital marketing, Cal and his team:

  • Attend networking events and conferences
  • Continuously research industry authorities
  • Employ dedicated staff to monitor emerging trends

However, they also maintain a balance by establishing best practices to ensure that new methods don’t replace established ones unless they bring greater value.

Passion for Digital Marketing

Cal’s favorite aspect of digital marketing is its transformative power. He enjoys seeing how even small changes can significantly impact a business’s success.

Advice for Aspiring Digital Marketers

For those just starting in the digital marketing field, Cal’s advice would be invaluable, drawing from his years of experience and success in the industry.

Measuring Success

Web Leveling measures client success through:

Cal and his team use analytics and regular check-ins to ensure their efforts align with these goals and adjust strategies as needed.

As a leader in the digital marketing space, Cal Hewitt continues to drive innovation and success for both Web Leveling and its clients, always with an eye on the evolving landscape of digital technology and marketing practices.