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What are Facebook Chatbots?

Facebook currently hosts over 80 million small to medium business pages on its platform. These numbers are up from just over 30 million back in 2015.  The Facebook Platform is a useful business tool that is being adopted by businesses that want to have a competitive edge.

Is your business using Facebook and, if it is, is your business using Facebook to the fullest extent. Without Facebook, you are missing out on social reach, genuine engagement, and unmatched discovery.

As businesses increase their overall presence on the social platform, customer expectations are also rising.  People are beginning to expect support from these brands 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Sometimes it is something simple like answering questions like “When are you open?” or “Where are located?”, but the expectation of getting questions answered in real-time or buying items from your page have moved from a “nice-to-have” to an “absolute necessity.” Your customers want to have complete control with no resistance on their schedule.

To take control, you need an automated way to connect with your current and potential customers on Facebook. We prefer the term “Facebook Automation”, but you might have heard of it referenced as “chatbots.” Chatbots allow you to answer questions and provide support with your page visitors at any time and everytime.

Our Facebook Automation Services

Automation Setup

Create your automation and connect it to your business page

Automation Maintenance

Keep your automation running according to Facebook's guidelines

Automation Integrations

Connect your automation to tools outside of Facebook

Automation Copy Creation

Create compelling copy to have people interact with your chatbot

Automation Optimization

Update your automation for optimal output

We Are Web Leveling

We Automate Your facebook Connections.

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Consider Facebook Automation (Chatbots) to build your business

If you have not considered chatbots for your business in the past, here are a few reasons why they may be worth another look:

  • They Never Stop Working for You - Questions from your page visitors can come at any time. You can have a pressing issue come through when you are busy running your business, unable to respond, or even when you are fast asleep. These questions will come hard and fast, and even if you have a social media manager (check out our social media marketing services, if you don’t), constant monitoring and responses to your Facebook Messenger messages fall outside of your typical setup. Chatbots never stop working. We script them to answer your frequently asked questions and position them to provide a template answer to questions that they cannot answer. They can have more than one conversation at the same time, and if requested, we can have them pass the discussion on to a human in your business when the time is right.
  • They add a Personal Touch - Social Media plays a crucial part in our everyday online interactions. Sometimes your Facebook Messenger portal will be the best and fastest way to get in contact with your business. Some might assume only a human can provide a personal touch, something essential for a brand’s persona, but this is not true. A properly constructed chatbot, crafted with the mannerisms and message of a business, can be just as personable and provide your audience with rewarding encounters.
  • They Reduce Your Overall Costs - Building and maintaining a chatbot is not expensive. You will have the cost of setup and the monthly maintenance costs, and the cost of optimizing the chatbot to handle situations that it has never seen before, but these costs pale in comparison to having a work staff manning Facebook Messenger for you. You can train your chatbot to handle your everyday questions and teach it to manage your more complex tasks as it gets a handle on your simpler ones. Your marketing arm will grow stronger after you onboard this Facebook automation.

Our Facebook Automation Process

  1. Creation - We develop your chatbot's framework based on questions that we ask you about your business, your underlying message, and what you hope to get out of the automation. We designate where you will display your automation from your website to your Facebook page to emails. We outline the question and answer structure and tag relative responses to help with segmentation for follow-up or to help with human escalation.
  2. Automation Copy Creation - We take the framework for your automation and insert the written copy that we developed for your business. We set the tone of the conversation to easy-going and informal while keeping it informative. We also make sure that the answers that we provide on your behalf are short and to the point. No one wants to read overly long and drawn-out answers on Facebook. Every month we review the written content and tweak or expand it as needed.
  3. Updates as Needed - We monitor your chatbot to see if it is working as expected. We have periodic reviews of the automation to make sure that it is answering the questions asked, and we provide tweaks on the back-end to make your customer interactions as seamless as possible. We link your chatbot with your social media posting schedule or Facebook ads so that you can automate your interactions with the people that comment on your Facebook content.

Facebook Automation Setup

We work with you to develop your brand identity and your customer-facing message. We use this information to craft your automation encompassing the frequently asked questions in Facebook Messenger like “hours of operation” or “directions” or “What are your specials?” and we build your chatbot around that. Then we build upon that foundation work through industry-specific responses like menus for restaurants or pain management services for Physical Therapists.

Facebook Automation Maintenance

Facebook Chatbots went through 4 major updates since they were released in 2016. These updates were to ensure that the interaction between people and the chatbots was informative and enjoyable. It also meant that actions taken by chatbots are subject to change. As developers, we keep an eye on the standards put forward by Facebook to ensure that the chatbot that we build for you meets Facebook’s guidelines, and we make edits as needed.

Facebook Automation Integrations

Facebook chatbots work well within the confines of the Facebook platform, but they excel when integrated with products off-platform like “Stripe” or “Paypal” for payment processing, “Zapier” for scaled automation, and email. We combine your chatbot with the off-platform software that works best for your industry and goals.

Facebook Automation Copy Creation

We create compelling content that makes people want to interact with your chatbot and keep the conversation going. We leverage neuro-linguistic language and psychological triggers to draw people in and to keep them engaged. You want your users to be comfortable while they hold the conversation. We make this so.

Facebook Automation Optimization

Your chatbot is an ever-evolving creature that needs to answer your frequently asked questions and answer questions that have never been asked before. We monitor your automation weekly, checking for terms and questions that have been asked but lack an automatic answer. We then update the logic of your automation to ensure that the next time the question is asked, your chatbot will answer it. We also go through the logic of the automation to streamline it in some places and expand it in others.

Facebook Manager Automation Pricing

Facebook Auto Starter



  • $500 per month for maintenance and optimization
  • Subscriber lead capture with email address
  • Facebook Messenger autoresponder
  • Ongoing Consultation with optimization techniques
  • Promotion and offer outreach within Facebook's guidelines
  • Monthly reports subscriber growth and audience interaction


Facebook Ads & Messenger Marketing


Per Month

  • Full Service Facebook Messenger Marketing 

  • Integrated with Facebook Ads

  • Advanced Automation Design & Integration
  • No limit to Technical Support or Consultation

  • Weekly Reports on Subscriber Growth & Audience Interaction

  • Full Map for Customer & Revenue Growth
  • Monthly Support (valued at $500) included


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