March 4, 2021

Learn How Google Analytics Can Help Your Business

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How Can Google Analytics Help Your Business Grow?

Many have wondered: “What does Google Analytics do?” Google Analytics, a free tool provided by Google, helps you grow your business online. Through Google Analytics, you gather valuable information that enables you to create an effective online marketing strategy. It shows you the products and services your customers are seeking, allows you to identify and recognize your customer’s behavior, and gives you the means to test your online setup to see if you have any gaps in your plans to address your customer’s needs. There are many reasons why you would want to use Google Analytics in your marketing strategy, but we have picked the top 5 reasons why you need to start using Google Analytics today:


With the rise of social media, Google Analytics has moved beyond just tracking the activity on websites. Google Analytics allows you to track your movements on social media channels. It will enable you to see if people at being filtered from your social media posts to your website. It can tell you precisely how much website traffic you get from one social media platform, exactly how successful a post or a tweet it, or even the overall size of your social media audience. Your social media content, coupled with your website, helps you establish and build your online brand. You need to see how expansive your umbrella is. Google Analytics gives you that answer.


Everyone knows the famous saying: “Content is king.” but it is popular because it is so true. Through Google Analytics, you can fill in the gaps around and bolster your current content offerings. Your content provides a natural and organic way to bring visitors to your online properties. After you publish your content, you will see who comes to your content and who interacts with it, effectively learning what works and what does not work, giving you the means to refashion or scrap the content that does not work, and to create more content around what draws a broader audience. Google Analytics gives you insight into what can maximize your client interaction and retention. Why wouldn’t you want to leverage it?


Google Analytics allows you to monitor your conversion rate, allowing you to see precisely how many people who click on your website stay there. Google Analytics provides conversion tools that let you track to who is buying your offerings, where they are coming from, and why they engaged you in the first place. For example, with Google Analytics, you can see which of your ad campaigns are bringing in the most leads or sales. You can leverage this information to boost funding for the campaign strategies that are working so that you can increase sales and revenue. You need a plan when you craft your advertising strategy. When you lack a conversion and click-tracking tool, like Google Analytics, you will have no real way to see if your advertising is a success.


Your traffic is directly related to your visibility on Google. Your visibility, in turn, dependant on the keywords, keyword phrases, and search terms that you have spread on your online platforms. Finding the right ratio of keywords and sharing them in a search-engine-friendly way is the crux of search engine optimization. Google Analytics shows you the keywords that are attracting the most attention. You can use this information to go after the keywords that have higher search volumes but are being neglected by your business, or you can use the data to create more content or target advertising against the keywords that will give you the highest return.


If you have a large enough platform, you will get a lot of visitors, but if you are getting visitors but are not converting them into customers, you are missing out on the point of bringing them in. Effectively, you are bringing people in; they stick around for a time, and they leave because they do not find what they are looking for in your offerings. This is your bounce rate, and if you have a high bounce rate you need to figure out why your visitors are leaving without taking the actions that you hope they take. Google Analytics provides you with details of the pages with a high bounce rate. Your pages may not be not correctly optimized or they might not be attractive enough to get your visitors to sign up, or you might lack a convincing “Call to Action,” convincing your visitors to give your services a try. Without Google Analytics, you have no idea where you should start to fix the cracks in your online properties. It gives you the knowledge you need to improve the layout of your site and to attract the audience that will convert.

With all of the benefits that your business can get from Google Analytics from developing your online presence to boosting your sales, it makes sense to have Google Analytics attached to your online properties. On top of these benefits and more, it is FREE, and it should be working with your website from day one.

If you do not have Google Analytics on your website or if you need help properly configuring it so that you can take advantage of proper online tracking of your efforts or if you need assistance with other digital marketing services to round out your online marketing strategy, contact our staff at Web Leveling today.

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